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On February 3rd the next session of the Public organization «Worldwide Circassian Brotherhood» which was broadcasted on the 49th channel (NOTR) of KBR TV passed. The offer to make an interview had been received from the leader Asijat Odijeva several days earlier.

The assembly passed in the main office of the International Circassian Association (ICА) in Nalchik to which representatives of other public organizations had been invited. In particular, Anzor Shorov - the chairman of the Union of Abkhazian volunteers in KBR, Asya Dzyba - the deputy of the State Duma of Surgut city, Zuber Evazov - the musical head of ensemble "Hatti" and many others.

Questions on development and activities of the WCB were answered by the representative of WCB administration Aslan Shakov: "the central works began in the middle of the last year when the group of initiative Adygs, communicated on regular basis on Adygeyan Internet-resources, decided to unite their efforts for creation of reliable communications and strengthening of relations among Adygeyan diasporas all over the world and ours three republics. Since then a huge work in the virtual space –Internet network - was done: foundation of an information site, collection in its framework a full " Adygeyan Arts Gallery" and creation of "World Adygeyan Encyclopedia".

Gathering of information in these catalogues is organized everywhere by all the WCB members. Besides the existing active forum allow uniting our adherents and discussing all the national news in 4 languages: Adygeyan, English, Turkish and Russian. Not limiting activities with Internet, in reality WCB representatives took part in 2 sessions of the ICA, participated in the Conference in San Francisco, held a meeting of representatives in Maykop town, organized "New Year's cultural party" among WCB representatives and visitors from Turkey, Syria and Jordan; participated in activities of Adyghe Khase in the USA, Germany and other countries.”

During the interview they found out that the WCB has experts from various branches who use their mental potential, patriotism, love to the native land and national identity for searching of ways of solving today’s problems of Adygeyan people.

Shakov explained that one of main tasks of the WCB is restoration of the contacts among Adygs cut in the XIX century during the tragical events; preservation and augmentation of the cultural property and rallying of the national consciousness of representatives of the one ethnic group. Now the WCB has 200 members in total; geography of the organization includes over 15 countries.

Discussing the structure of the organization, Shakov designated the main departments, each of which work in its direction; he described work of the administration and the president of the WCB – Zamir Shuhov who did not take part in the interview as he was visiting the USA. Efficiency and efficiency in he WCB works are reached owing to the modern communications and the newest technologies of video and telephone conferences that allow solving all the questions without its members’ physical presence.

He also replied Asya Odizheva's question on the WCB financing.

"On the present stage financing of the WCB goes on due to membership dues of the active participants and donations from patriotic Adygs", - answered Aksana Bjedugova, the chief accountant of the organization, - "In further we plan some commercial activities directed on maintenance of our needs and projects, attraction of sponsors and investors for realization of new ideas and charities".

State support of the governments is official registration public movement "WCB" on January 17th, 2006 in Nalchik. In the nearest future they plan active work with the government on important for the whole Native land public questions. The organization considers its cooperation with state authorities to be authentic informing about public opinion and work with social sector in Northern Caucasus. As to the other countries of Diasporas’ residence, preservation of Adygeyan culture and language will be also put as the priority question at future conferences and meetings".

"In spite of the fact that the representatives of the organization, involved in a project, at times used to be in different countries, their implementation passes in coped way" - replied Aly Kunashev the question of the leader concerned communication facilities. Quite recently new project of the WCB under the name "Adygs-heroes of Abkhazia" (devoted to sons of our people the killed during the Georgian-Abkhazian conflict) has been started. In that occasion the chairman of the Union of Abkhazian Volunteers in KBR Anzor Shorov expressed his opinion: "Certainly, it would be desirable if the word "war" was used more seldom, but I’m pleased with the fact that there are people engaged in preservation of our heritage, which part, undoubtedly, is the information about Adygs, who were at war for freedom of the fraternal people of Abkhazia".

Every day the works grow; for successful realization that requires more and more experts from various fields. "Anyone, aspiring to use his knowledge and skills for blessing of Adygeyan nation, can always find application of his skills and abilities within the limits of activities in our organization. We are glad to feasible help and we invite to cooperation all the interested people", - noted Fatima Shogenova.

"What does the WCB plan in the nearest future?» - asked in end of the conversation Asijat Odijeva.

“In 2006 we plan actions devoted to May 21st - the Mourning Day; participation in the VII congress of the International Circassian Organization in May 2006 in Istanbul; works with youth and attraction of patriotic citizens to the operating projects on preservation of the national legacy and cultural values of Adygs."

The interview passed on Adygeyan language, and in the nearest future it will be broadcasted on the 49 channel NOTR of KBR TV, by forecasts, in the end of the current week. About exact date and time the visitors of www.adygaunion.org can learn from the announcement on the site.

Public movement "Worldwide Circassian Brotherhood"
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