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Public organizations of Adygeya Circassian congress and Adyghe Khase sent on February 21st, their joint appeal to the chairman of the Central Electoral Committee of republic Jury Hut. In it they charged the regional branch of «Incorporated industrial party of Russia» in starting of interethnic discord and propagation of national intolerance, and affirmed that «parties and people with such ideas cannot participate in the elections to the supreme legislative body of republic on which stability and calmness in Adygeya depends in many respects».

As Zaur Dzeukozhev explained Caucasian unit correspondent, the vice-president of Circassian congress, they had enclosed to the reference program documents of that association, adopted for participation in the elections to the State Soviet-Khase of republic on March 12th this year. In the reference it was spoken:

"On 18.12.2005 the VI congress of the social movement "Union of Slavs of Adygeya" took place in Maykop. In the report of the chairman of "Union of Slavs of Adygeya" Nina Konovalova "Sociopolitical position of Russians in Adygeya" was used the word-combination "Adygeyan authority". Put in the corresponding context, supplied with the special "argument", it comprises an obvious attribute of the national intolerance, in particular, “adyghe-fobia”, is a charge of one people in the high mortality percentage of another one, a slander against one people about that it maintains other people, etc.

Word-combinations like "Adygeyan authority" where instead of the named nationality any other can be used, initially has inside some negative meaning. For comparison: even the word-combination "Russian authority" in Russia which inhabitants in their overwhelming majority are ethnic Russians, is not neutral and comprises a negative component. It could be explained with multinationality of Russian state, as well as inadmissibility of any mononational authority in this state. Thus, using of such word-combinations in Russia is already an attribute of initiation of interethnic conflict and propagation of the national intolerance in itself.

It is necessary to emphasize that the word-combination "Adygeyan authority" is a negative characteristic of not republican authority so much, that the whole Adygeyan nation, and can be used only for humiliation of Adygs’ national dignity. In full conformity with the sense of this word-combination the whole Adygeyan people should enjoy exclusive powers above other peoples - in this case - above Russian (or Slavic) inhabitants of the republic. And the author of the word-combination meaningly achieved obviously false, not having any attitude to reality understanding of its sense - "Adygeyan" meaning "exploiter" or "parasitic". Otherwise Konovalova should use the standard, neutral expression "authorities of Adygeya" in which any opportunity of projection of value "authority" on any people is excluded.

Initially given negative words’ meaning is supported by the forged statistical data. For example, the author of the report sounded some high mortality percentage among Russians and underlined: "Adygeyan authority does not see this problem, though it has created such conditions for Slavs". In other words, "Adygeyan authority" (read – “Adygeyan people”) was attributed nothing else but a crime against Russian people. Meanwhile, the high mortality percentage among Russians in the republic speaks that Adygeya is a pension region, where, receiving housing certificates, pensioners from all the country had settled. Thus, such falsification of the statistical data has the precise purpose - to slander Adygeyan people in order to achieve some political results during the forthcoming elections.

In the view of the above-stated they made samples of the national-chauvinism such as appeals sounded in the reference of the VI congress of Union of Slavs of Adygeya to Russian inhabitants of Adygeya: "In every possible way to support Russian (Slavic) organizations, and the organizations which activities do not contradict Russian peoples’ interests". "Choosing goods - choose the seller; employing - hire comrade; selling your thing concede in your price for a friend. If you can help your brother - help him disinterestedly".

In the interview one month before the congress N.Konovalova answering the question of "Zakubanie" edition ("Is there any variant, according to which the Union would refuse participation in the elections?") - replied that there are people, considering necessary to not participate in the elections, but to achieve integration of republic in Krasnodar Territory. Then there is the next question - how to achieve that, in what ways? In the context of that answer the appeal of Jury Kanatov, the leader of the branch of Union of Slavs of Adygeya in Giaginsky district, for Russians at the congress (to get armed in legitimate ways) sounds unambiguously. Against whom?

In Maykop in Hakurate Street they fixed a propaganda panel of the Incorporated industrial party of Russia with the appeal "Our task - to integrate Adygeya with the Territory". And this slogan is the main program goal of the association. In our opinion, it is a direct appeal to infringement of the Constitution of Russian Federation, the Federal agreement and the constitutional structure of Adygeya Republic that exists on the basis of the international law about self-determination of nations.

In one of the articles in "01 region" newspaper the ideologist of "Slavic" movement in republic Vladimir Karatayev said that republican authorities "have actually established in Adygeya apartheid policy". Such rigid charge against any authority demands corresponding unconditional proofs. However the author of the words does not bother himself with that. At the same time, today any inhabitant of republic has graphic evidence that the "apartheid" illness Union of Slavs of Adygeya and its supporters caught. In the lists of the Incorporated industrial party of Russia under which aegis "the block" of Union of Slavs of Adygeya plans to participate in the republican parliamentary elections, there is no Adyg.

And that is only a small part of the chauvinistic statements of Union of Slavs. But using similar "national" mutual relations in the country, we shall certainly get an imperial state with terrible pogroms organized against foreigners "in the name of Russia’s salvage". In conditions of Adygeya such appeal should cause undertaking of adequate measures by other national communities of republic that would lead to real interethnic opposition.

"Chauvinism and nationalism in the pre-election campaign is the most simple and the most harmful issue – V.V. Putin declared. - It is especially inadmissible during election campaigns. I have extremely negative outlook at that. It is a false thesis, absolutely inadmissible in such multinational country, as ours. If we wish to keep Russia, we will have to resist rigidly and consistently such things, to bring up absolute intolerance to any things of such sort".

We ask you to study closely the statements of the leaders of "Union of Slavs" and "Russian incorporated industrial party", penetrated with the national intolerance, chauvinism that could lead to interethnic collisions, and ask you to state a corresponding estimation to them. Parties and people with such ideas cannot participate in elections in the supreme legislature of republic on which in many respects stability and consent in Adygeya depends".

Caucasian unit
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