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The head of Circassian Congress analytical group, director of the National museum of Adygeya Republic Almir Abregov answered questions of Islam Tekushev, the chief of Caucasus Times site.

- What in your opinion would bring Adygeya its integration with Krasnodar territory?

- First, national state formations that we name republics, gave peoples a chance to keep their cultures and traditions, to develop their originality. Secondly, after creation of Adygeyskaya autonomous region then its transformation into republic, presence of own borders, territory, the rights given to the autonomy, became the elements of the ethnic identity of the people. Moreover, the autonomy became the way of the ethnos’ preservation. Thirdly, it is the historical motherland of millions of Circassians who after the Russian-Caucasian war were compelled to leave their native land. And where would they return in the case of liquidation of republic?

We will even estimate reality of the threat of Adygs’ assimilation if we imagine what would happen after liquidation of our republic. We would become a nation that lost an opportunity to mobilize first of all its material, spiritual and moral resources to solve its vital problems. Look at Shapsugs who have no elementary civil rights in Krasnodar territory.

- Who, in your opinion, stays behind this bill in Adygeya Republic?

- This model is initially developed by the federal center. The Kremlin would like to see Russia consisting of such huge subjects in which republics and national-state formations would not loom at all. It is obvious. We deal with obsession of restoration of so-called power vertical of authority. For some reason it is considered that existence of the state-national formations contradicts the principle of realization of supervaluable projects of Russia’s arrangement and strengthening of that vertical. To me it is absolutely unclear how they should treat Europe in this case. Everybody knows that there are many tiny states that sometimes they name dwarfish. And that, apparently, has no contradiction in any way with the system of mutual relations among them and their neighbours and European way of life.

Why should integration with Krasnodar territory bless Adygeya? Nobody has explained to us, what economic and other success they have achieved in the already merged subjects of the federation so far.

I should also add that, in jurists’ opinion, the steps undertaken by the referendum bill’s lobbyists are counter-constitutional. As a model they use not the federal law, and intermediate one. The law on suffrages of citizens and their participation in referendum to which the bill’s supporters refer, cannot form any basis for carrying out of the referendum about status of republic.

- Supporters of integration - Union of Slavs of Adygeya - approve that Russians are deprived with the right to hold supervising posts of proportionally number in the republic. That is the basic argument in favour of the autonomy’s liquidation. In your opinion, how much are these claims proved?

- If we mention the problem of the percentage parity, we come back again to the model of democratic centralism that existed in the USSR. We are more numerous than you, so your minority must obey the opinion of our majority. It would be fair, if it were a question about monoethnic state-national formation. But when the watershed passes between Adygs and the Russian-speaking population, it means that Adygs should submit to the Russian-speaking majority implicitly. But in fact there was a time when the idea of parity representation in the parliament and executive authorities provided equality of opportunities so any of the parties could not dominate upholding their interests.

And what do we have now? If we conduct this fruitless conversation and mechanically name those, who have the posts, we shall receive very curious results. Let’s take all power structures. They are the Office of Public Prosecutor, the FSB, the Ministry of Internal Affairs, the State narco-control, the tax bodies, a number of the federal organizations directly submitted to Moscow, but work on the territory of republic, and their basic personnel structures are made from among Russians. And who operates banking?

There are statements now rather popular, that Russians are interfered when they wish to open own business: that is, speaking mildly, a lie. Look through the lists of the deputies passed in the parliament from the regional organization of the Russian party of industrialists and businessmen they are thirty. General directors, heads of large firms who work in territory of Adygeya Republic.

In fact Adygs do not bring any attention to the question of their domination: that would be ridiculous. They want parity, equal rights for management in the republic and preservation of their unique culture -nothing more and nothing not less. It seems normal to me. Take the Lebanese experience that shows - not always the number of some ethnic group defines its representation in authorities.

- Do you think there is an interethnic conflict in the region?

- There is no conflict. A conflict between the two our people is not present. I shall tell you more. Any person, whether he is an engineer, a doctor or a teacher, in any sphere - education, economic activities, anybody has not been limited in his rights because of he is a Russian.

- And Adyg - can he be limited in his rights by virtue of his national identity?

- Interesting question. I’ll try to answer it. Have you heard anything about the ardent slogan "Buy products only from Slavs"? Recently with such appeal the newspaper "Zakubanie", a press body of Union of Slavs has addressed to inhabitants of republic. So judge that yourself.

- It is obvious that is a nationalist appeal. Probably, are there also any Adygeyan analogues? Circassian Congress, for example, is known for rather rigid statements.

- To tell the truth, I know nothing about rigid statements of the Congress except for its reference to the State Duma with the request to recognize the genocide against Circassians (Adygs) in the XIX century. It seems to me that it has no any relation to extremism. In their adherents’ circle members of the Congress declare that they will be ready to a resolute protest if the decision on integration of Adygeya with Krasnodar territory is passed. They say that way. Undoubtedly, there can be and will be protests. But solely in the forms stated by the Russian legislation. It can be pickets, demonstrations, open references.

- If all the same such integration would happen contrary to Adygs’ will what reaction will be?

- I think, there will be a resistance. That surely wouldn’t be left without any reply. Circassian Congress has already addressed to the OSCE with a request to counteract such succession of the events. Further, they would bring attention of the European organizations to the question of the genocide against Circassians in the XIX century. We are reproached that we are only 24 percent, therefore we should reconcile to the opinion of majority. But we ask in our turn: how can you explain our small number today? Nobody wishes to answer us. And the problem of the genocide against Circassians became actual because of gambling with such demographic data. This is one of the ways of the opposition to the tendencies of liquidation of our republic.

Caucasus Times
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