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On April 4th at the session of Adygeya parliament Khazret Sovmen declared his resignation, however later the press-service of the republican leader disavowed his statement. In the interview to «Kommersant» correspondents Diana Dadasheva and Sergey Surzhenko Khazret Sovmen declared that the reason of his resignation became the conflict with the plenipotentiary of the president in the Southern federal district Dmitry Kozak, and let know that he would cancel his decision if it he was supported by the Kremlin administration.

- After the session of Adygeya parliament it’s still not clear: have you submitted your application for resignation or just hinted about such opportunity?

- There were no hints. I have submitted to the parliament my application for resignation, not specifying reasons, by my own will. However then in mass-media deformed information appeared: ostensibly my application was submitted after a part of the deputies of the State Soviet-Khase did not stand up when I came in. It’s not true. Now in Adygeya there is the parliament respecting the president and itself.

- So what is the reason of your decision of resignation?

- To make all the things clear, I shall tell background. I had thought hard about the post of the leader of the republic when in the post-reorganization years in Adygeya they began shooting, people got killed. I had stopped the massacre. And I thought: I go for one year to level the situation. In 2002 we had a flooding. It seems to me, we had adequately solved the problem and restored the infrastructure – we had help for our republic from the other regions delivering in trains.

Next year there was a greater drought. I decided that it would be wrong to stand aside as I had come to help people. With the plenipotentiary Kazantsev (Victor Kazantsev held the post of the plenipotentiary of the president in the Southern federal district till March, 2004) we misunderstood each other; I was obstructed then.

When Jakovlev was appointed (Vladimir Jakovlev headed the apparatus of the plenipotentiary till autumn, 2004), we in common planned the plan for development of Adygeya: how to involve investments and to make republic not donated. Then Kozak appeared (Dmitry Kozak – the present plenipotentiary of the president in the Southern federal district) and, swinging with "a sabre", began to demand to join (Krasnodar territory).

- Is that the reason of your decision - your discontent of the policies of plenipotentiary Kozak?

- The southern federal district as structure has become obsolete. What is this intermediary between the region and the president for? It is supposed that the duties of the SFD management would be to watch that in the subjects laws were observed. However in the case of our republic everything is on the contrary. The plenipotentiary openly speaks to me: in Adygeya the law did not work and will not work. Moreover, he gave the direct instruction to the power structures to obey only his instructions and to ignore decisions of the president of the republic.

Our public prosecutor sent to the Southern federal district report about corruption of employees of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Adygeya where he named surnames. And the district answers with that it publicly hands over encouragements and letters to the people mentioned in the public prosecutor's report. I think for the region - for militia, the Office of Public Prosecutor, the arbitration - one person - its head - should be responsible.

- Has the idea of integration of Krasnodar territory and Adygeya affected your decision on resignation in any way?

- Now the plenipotentiary apparatus tries to attach Adygeya using another's hands. But they do not understand that it cause tragedy. We have very fragile situation. It is necessary to consider the opinion of the indigenous population of our republic - our and Cossacks’. Instead of some newcomers. I have never known how much our people are proud of the status of Adygeya. And Kozak nevertheless caught the idea of integration and now does not consider the opinion of Adygeyan Diaspora.

Diaspora is afraid that the nationality would disappear without the status of republic. I don’t think the idea of the integration lives under will of the governor of Krasnodar territory (Alexander Tkachev). If such idea exists we should work out plans with him. We don’t need the mediator - Dmitry Kozak.

- Your application for resignation is the final decision on leaving the post of the president of Adygeya, isn’t it?

- I was invited on Tuesday to a meeting with Sobjanin (the head of the Kremlin administration Sergey Sobjanin). If I am stated full confidence (as people’s trust I’ve already received) if there is no negative intervention from the Southern federal district, I shall obey the will of people, and everything can change. Because of the management of the SFD the republican budget has lost 12 billion rubles.

Investors did not come, including me. I tried to do my best and was the provisional politician. The Ministry of Finance is satisfied with our work. We are the single subject not plundered by the executive authority.

- And how do you find the fact that about 70 percent of supervising posts in the republic are occupied with Adygs, who make minority in Adygeya?

- We have a serious personnel shortage now. If there is a Russian command - there will be a Russian government. As for me I am always for parity observance.

«Kommersant» newspaper
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