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In the edition of IА REGNUM the letter of the social movement "Union of Slavs of Adygeya", signed by the chairman of its board Nina Konovalova was received. In the statement an estimation of the political events in Republic of Adygeya of April was given. From the point of view of IА REGNUM edition, the statement lightened some essential sides of the conflict around the president of Adygeya that remained unknown to mass-media. We replicate the text of the letter with insignificant reductions:

"After Khazret Sovmen’s statement about his resignation, the grouping ruling the republic convinced him to play political show and to refuse his words. It was not casually that the main reason for his resignation they declared actions of the representative of the president of Russian Federation in the Southern Federal district Dmitry Kozak who ostensibly forced Sovmen to undertake actions directed on integration of Adygeya with Krasnodar territory.

The present hysteria in the official mass-media had begun then. People because of their fear of dismissal went to the meeting "in Sovmen’s support", "against integration with Krasnodar territory", "against fascism". After that Sovmen declared that he got his mandate of trust from the population of the republic.

Like during "sovereignization", the small group of the officials parasitizing on the authority has decided to make pressure upon the federal authority threatening with political instability in case the president of Russia would force Sovmen to retire. Into the situation they involved young men from Circassian congress who represented people’s unity in their support of Sovmen.

For demonstration of their firm intention to defend "the statehood", they name the policy of the federal authority in relation to Adygeya fascist, threaten with arrival of terrorists and bring attention to the question on "decolonization of Caucasus".

The work on protection of Sovmen and "Adygeyan statehood" certain "World committee for solidarity with Republic of Adygeya" also joined. That committee accepted a statement widespread in mass-media and signed by its coordinators from Turkey, Israel, America and other countries. In it Sovmen was described with such epithets (absolutely not corresponding his character) as "a symbol of the nation", "fighter against bureaucracy and corruption".

They even stated that "Sovmen’s resignation would be the beginning of the end of Adygeyan identity" and that " actually he stood all along against the imperial system..."

The reference abounds with frankly provocative statements that its authors did not intend to let "the second Holocaust after the Russian-Caucasian war against the Adygeyan people".

It is sad that the official mass-media of Republic of Adygeya functioning by means of the budgetary money, duplicate all those references, bringing confusion in the people’s minds tired of lie and threats.

For us there are no doubts that all those references, all those hysterical statements about ostensible danger for the Adygeyan people in case of Adygeya’s return in the limits of Krasnodar territory have the same source - a corrupted grouping carrying out the real management in the republic behind the back of Sovmen, who appeared to be a ignorant manager. During the years of his "ruling" there was even more obvious economic and political inconsistency of Adygeya as a state inside the state.

It is a great pity that Vladimir Putin left Sovmen at powers. That testifies to his inconsistency and misunderstanding of the situation. Moreover, he "handed over" official Dmitry Kozak (who now turned out to be "boy for beating" in the opinion of the clan leaders riling the republics of Northern Caucasus.

They are those whom today Kozak counteracts, having declared about necessity of toughening of control over monetary streams and using of direct presidential management in the gone bankrupt republics. Similar situation in Adygeya had been earlier and concerned another federal official - chief federal inspector Odejchuk.

For those who today burst into hysterics in occasion of possible Adygeya’s integration with Krasnodar territory (that Union of Slavs achieves from the moment of republic’s creation) we remind:

Do not forget about that in Adygeya not only members of Circassian Congress live and not only they, especially - not any foreign citizens - have to decide, how all of us should live further... Everything, being created here, is not the property of any ethnic group, and appeared when we had been a part of united Kuban.

All of us are citizens of Russia, irrespective of nationality and historical destiny of our peoples. We also intend to remain citizens of Russia, irrespective of any opinions of foreigners and some republican officials.

It shouldn’t be lies, representing ‘black’ as ‘white’; it is not necessary to frighten Adygs with "loss of their statehood". If today the opposition after "the party in power" of Adygeya does not gather people in the streets, it is not because of a lack of the wishing to do that: it is because of we are not going to clash people together in an open conflict. We consider that the question of integration with Krasnodar territory touches the destiny of not only inhabitants of Adygeya, but also is a real problem of the whole Russia, a question of reforming its state system in the reasonable framework. That is why the problem should be solved not in the streets, and within the limits of law.

We suggest the federal authority making the main choice - to define, at last, what is more important: integrity of the state and well-being of the citizens or interests of the clans monopolized authority in "national" republic in harm to all whole people living there.

Question on integration with Krasnodar territory is not a pretext for conflicts. Besides it is the problem of not today’s time. At the moment it is much more important to make correct conclusions having analyzed the failures in the state managing that became the real reason of Khazret Sovmen’s crash."

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