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Today, on April 28th, in the address of IА REGNUM edition a report of the chief-editor of IА REGNUM across Northern Caucasus Fatima Tlisova about the events happened on April 27th in the house of her parents in Karachaevo-Circassia was received. We publish the full text of the document:

"Today, on April 27th, unknown persons made a search in the house of my parents where I am officially registered. During the moment of searching I was in the official trip to Moscow and learned about the happened late at night after my returning home. About 11 o’clock in the morning when in the house my mother and my brother were, at the gates two militia cars stopped.

Nine men went out the cars. One of them was dressed in the militian uniform, another one (local militiaman) – was recognized by my mother; all the others were dressed in civil clothes, my relatives do not know anybody from among them.

My native were shown the decision on search, thus as my brother retold to me, on that paper there was no any stamp. The divisional informed, that militia received a signal that some weapon was stored in my house; therefore they should search all the premises and the courtyard. My brother demanded presence of witnesses. Militiamen answered that they had already taken them, and pointed on two men arrived together with them.

My brother expressed doubt of that they were independent witnesses and legality of the search in general, but he was replied: "As you do not wish to let us in, that means, you really hide something". After that my brother let them in the house.

Under the story of my mother, the search was made very carefully. Al the cases, pillows and mattresses were turned from inside out; they also checked up subsidiary premises and the courtyard. The search proceeded over an hour; then militiamen found out nothing illegal and left. According to my mother and my brother, at their presence the militiamen wrote down nothing, they did not ask to sign any papers, that means, that the report of search was not made on the place.

In connection with the aforesaid I have to remind that in the autumn, 2004 my parents had been visited by employees of militia with requirement to inform them my address. As I found out as a result of my own investigation, they tried to accuse me of some economic crime.

Ostensibly I had received in a fraudulent way in the Pension fund 4 thousand rubles of pension for my missing husband. As a result of the elementary check I found out that some personal data of my namesake living in another area of the republic, having other patronymic and other year of birth appeared in the case. Besides it was strange that a 4 thousand rubles case was investigated in the department of the Ministry of Internal Affairs on struggle against economic crimes which under the law investigates only the crimes concerned sums in 30 000 rubles and more.

I am also compelled to inform about the incident of the fortnight prescription.

In the beginning of April I by mobile phone was called by a man, who introduced himself as the chief of the criminal militia of the 1-st department of inner affairs of Nalchik town. He informed that I should be for evidence in connection with attempt on life of the known Balkarian figure, general Sufjan Beppaev.

In reply to my puzzled question which way I concerned that case, the voice in my phone said that investigators should check me up "for presence between me and Beppaev any aversions of national character", and recommended me to be urgently in the 1-st DIF to testify. I informed him that I shall not go to militia because of a phone call, and asked him to send an official summon to the address of my registration in Karachaevo-Circassia. I suppose as a very strange concurrence that soon after that in my house they made search.

As to attempt on Sufjan Beppaev’s life and questions of militia to me in that connection, I consider them offensive not only in relation to myself personally, but also in relation to the elderly deserved person who has not recovered yet after his heavy wound. Sufjan Uzeirovich knows very well about my attitude to him and, I am sure, he will be shocked by that news not less, than me.

In my journalistic practice there were many cases when officials of various ranks openly advised me to change my public position "in order to live easier". I ask to consider as my answer to all such advisers the following: "Every citizen is guaranteed with freedom of speech.

Nobody can be forced to express his point of view and beliefs or refuse them. Everyone has the right to search, receive, transfer, make and distribute freely information in any lawful way. Freedom of mass information is guaranteed, any censorship is forbidden" - the Constitution of Russian Federation, item 29. I consider pertinent to quote one more clause of the Organic law of our country:

"Hidrance of lawful professional work of journalists is pursued by the Criminal code of Russian Federation" (clause 144). Yours faithfully, Fatima Tlisova".

The edition does not have bases to doubt the estimations stated in the note. We completely realize that in Northern Caucasus there is a complicated operative conditions, that the law enforcement bodies are obliged, obeying the Law of Russian Federation, on operatively-search activities to check all the signals they receive. However to the circuit of "the strange concurrences" Tlisova mentioned, we can add some other. For example, her detention in the management on struggle against organized criminality of Kabardino-Balkaria in June, 2005 when she under the edition’ task went to make comments about the meeting of the opposition in aul Tyrnyauz.

Or persistent refusal of the press-service of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Kabardino-Balkaria (at the previous head of the department) to give her journalistic accreditation. Or withdrawal from Tlisova her editorial certificate in Nalchik in December, 2005 when she did the reporting at the meeting at which they required to institute criminal proceedings against some workers of the power structures.

Therefore we consider that the bodies carrying out supervision of the law enforcement bodies’ activities, should check up with special attention the facts about which Tlisova informed this time. In any case the big federal mass-media which IА REGNUM is, has the right to receive reply to the question: on what basis the person member of its management, had the search without any explanations been made?

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