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Adygeya republican public organization «Nafna» and news agency «AdygeaNatPress» on August 18th addressed to the president of Russia Vladimir Putin with a letter to hold in Maykop an enterprise forum under his aegis. The chairman of the organization Askerbiy Namitokov and the director of the agency Ali Avgana informed that to IA REGNUM correspondent.

As they said, a number of present members of the organization and the agency over 4 years had been trying to promote attraction to Adygeya of investments from the foreign Circassian Diaspora. However, except for adjustment of communications with investors they achieved nothing.

Resistance to arrival of investments increases with every year. In the process of activities the rank of officials causing such counteraction increases, too. Therefore, representatives of the public consider they should hope only for responsiveness of the head of the state.

In the letter it was spoken "the Management of the Russian Federation, you personally do much for returning of compatriots on the historical native land, attraction of their financial means to the national economy. You sign the decree of June 22nd, 2006 # 637 "About measures on assistance to voluntary resettlement to Russian Federation of compatriots living abroad", "The State program on assistance to voluntary resettlement to Russian Federation of compatriots living abroad".

Earlier in your speech at the Public forum of peoples of Caucasus and the South of Russia (Sochi, March 26th, 2004) you also spoke about necessity of expansion of business contacts" with Diasporas of Caucasian peoples in other territories of the country and abroad".

In Adygeya activities on attraction of foreign investments into economy of the republic received real prospects with coming to power of the Adygeya present president Khazret Sovmen. Then it was declared that the priority direction for the republic would be economic development and that any administrative barriers would be taken off; struggle against corruption was also started. In that connection the public initiated carrying out in Maykop of businessmen-compatriots forum.

In the countries of their compact residing Adygs-businessmen are incorporated in clubs, therefore the main problem of the forum’s organization was decision-making on its carrying out at the republican governmental level.

However realization of that action applying for creation by special - peaceful and economically succeeding zone of Caucasus - collides with some insuperable barrier.

As one of the first potential investors into Adygeya’s economy Turkish businessman of Adygeyan origin, the president of enterprises group ELIMSAN Muzaffer Avdji (Dzyba) was always considered. He is known in Adygeya since the beginning of the 90s for his humanitarian activities, and constant desire to participate actively in revival of the republic’s economy.

The great-grandson of the emigrated in 1864 from Northwest Caucasus Yusuf Dzyba, he not once had spent annual congress of Dzyba’s line in Maykop, Cherkessk or cities of Turkey where he invited not only his namesakes, but also members of other lines searching their relatives.

One of the leaders of the industrialists club "Kafiat", convinced that they should promote in every possible way strengthening of Russian-Turkish relations, he participated in carrying out of the international actions on information interchange, experience, technologies, making of mutually advantageous agreements between the interested structures of the two countries.

The enterprises of ELIMSAN firm work in the sphere of manufacture of electrotechnical equipment. Only that firm could incur for rise of Adygeya’s economy: contribution to transformation of Maykop into the center on carrying out of exhibitions of scientific and technical progress, organization of deliveries to Adygeya of goods made by the firm, focused on the Russian market, construction of enterprises in territories of the republic, equal on productivity to the enterprises of the firm.

In March, 2005 the initiative group on the forum’s carrying out promoted the trip of the governmental delegation from Adygeya at the international exhibition of scientific and technical achievements in Istanbul. The delegation was headed by then prime minister of Adygeya Asfar Hagur. During the trip the delegation visited such enterprises as ELIMSAN, ULKER, UKI which owners are the compatriots, wishing to invest Adygeya’s economy, and in the wider plan - Russian Federation.

The delegation also met with the deputies of the parliament of Turkey and the first vice-premier of Turkey Abdulatif Shener supervising economic questions. According to the reached arrangement between the industrialists and the members of the republican delegation in June of the same year they expected arrival to Maykop those investors with whom in March they had negotiations.

However in some days after the delegation’s returning from Turkey, the plenipotentiary of the president of Russian Federation in the SFD Dmitry Kozak held in Kislovodsk town a meeting that concerned investment, too. At that meeting with the report on the trip to Turkey the Adygeya prime minister acted. After that he never mentioned publicly the theme of investments of compatriots. And the prime minister refused to answer questions of the initiative group.

In spring of 2006 when the parliamentary elections in Adygeya passed, the initiative on carrying out of the forum found support of the group of deputies of the new convocation as well as the businessmen who had renewed negotiations with the businessman. However on May 30th, 2006 the head of ELIMSAN enterprises, who arrived from Istanbul, was not let through the boundary post of the airport "Krasnodar".

Thus he was not explained the reasons for his detention, was not shown any claims for his documents. The businessman was compelled to spend a night in a hall of the boundary passenger examination and to return in next morning to Turkey.

During that stay in Adygeya M. Avdji intended to meet members of the initiative group to discuss with them some organizational moments of carrying out of the planned forum. After that the businessman should go to Moscow for participation in the electrotechnical exhibition "Electro-2006" led on June 5-9th in the Epicenter.

Opening of the forum in Maykop was planned on the beginning of July; representatives of Turkey, Jordan, and Israel were ready to take part in its work. To the action they planned to invite the leadership of Kabardino-Balkaria and Karachaevo-Circassia, businessmen of the South of Russia.

In the end of June deputies of the Adygeya parliament, who made the attempt to organize the forum in Maykop, met M. Avdji in Turkey. After that trip they sent inquiry to address of Alexander Cheremichko, the commander of the boundary group that had detained the businessman.

Owner of ELIMSAN declared that he was ready to give 1 million dollars to that representative of the law enforcement bodies of Russia who would present any proofs of the businessman’s participation in any illegal activities damaged the interests of Russia.

Dear Vladimir Vladimirovich! All information stated here is only a part of the facts that confirm resolute and purposeful counteraction to receipt of investments into Adygeya. Many structures that, first, are above authorities of Adygeya are involved in this case; secondly, they are initially "closed" for the public. Proceeding from it, we ask you to dispose about carrying out of the objective investigation of the incident at the Krasnodar airport.

We do hope that it will help to find answers to many questions within the problem of mutual relations of corresponding structures and foreigners-Russians, will be the proved occasion for realization of the concrete steps directed towards compatriots. We would also sincerely consider useful to designate the official position of the president of Russian Federation on the question, having published it in the Russian mass media.

We petition before you in holding an enterprise forum in Maykop under the aegis of the president of Russia. We do hope for your support, realizing, that only such intervention can provide real success in this common for us business".

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