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Аслан Шаззо на сервере Стихи.ру
In press, first of all in the Russian federal, the question, who should be the next Adygeya president, rises from time to time. That is in many aspects connected with the actions of Khazret Sovmen himself. So, we shall remind, on April 4th at one of the first sessions of the State Soviet-Khase of the new convocation the Adygeya president declared about his intention to retire.

He explained his decision with that the plenipotentiary of the president of Russian Federation in the Southern federal district Dmitry Kozak was achieving his leaving. Then the crisis of authority in Adygeya was resolved at the meeting of the president of Russian Federation Vladimir Putin with Sovmen accompanied by the speaker of the republican parliament Ruslan Hadzhebiyokov.

According to the last, during the conversation the Adygeya president several times reminded about his request to Putin to sign his application. But the Russian president invariably rejected him.

It is necessary to note that during that long crisis around Khazret Sovmen the most significant part of the public of the republic, including the republican branch of the party "United Russia", as well as the organizations of the foreign Adygeyan Diasporas rallied.

However then, having united in their support of the head of the republic, many public leaders, especially of the Adygeyan national movements spoke that the president’s resignation at present would be inappropriate also because there was a heat struggle for the status of the republic. And Sovmen many times supported preservation of the status of Adygeya.

Not considering his other useful acts, only in view of that they should let him fulfill the term up to the end and after that to discharge him (in February, 2007) with honour and gratefulness.

However after his long, become habitual, absence, having visited the republic with official visit as people in Adygeya were used to joke, Khazret Sovmen, gathered on July 15th the most reliable, in his opinion, members of the fraction of "United Russia" in the State Soviet-Khase.

There he declared about the following: time was coming when they should define; under the law discussion of his successor should begin 90 days before the expiry of the term of the powers of the operating president. In that connection, Sovmen should meet the president of the country. But Sovmen is sure that Putin would suggest him to prolong the term for the next five years.

He would accept the offer with the condition that he received broad support of «United Russia», the public, the population of the republic. Not answering directly the declared, the deputies expressed the opinion concerned some reasons of failures in Adygeya development. Those are frequent and long absence of the leader of the republic, frequent and poorly proved rotation in the political management, inefficient actions in economy.

Then new absence of the president – less long – and the resignation of the time acting prime minister of Adygeya Evgenie Kovalev on September 13th followed. The action as the interrogation of representatives of the public and the parties proved, was not regarded by them as a next political crisis.

At the same time, it has already made a split inside the parliamentary fraction of "United Russia", has considerably increased the number of the one-mandatory deputies initially oppositional to the president and the executive authority as a whole. The same things had happened at the public level.

Probably, having understood that mistake, the president decided "to get rehabilitated" with the way habitual for him: declared about giving the schools of the republic 100 million rubles.

As Natpress has already informed, the meeting of the Adygeya president with the speaker of the parliament Hadzhebiyokov on September 15th should take place. The knowledgeable governmental sources informed that that meeting passed in time. It lasted 2 hours and a half and was very strained. Its details while remain unknown.

Aslan Shazzo, Natpress
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