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Liquidation of the Adygeya customhouse caused a great resonance in the republic. The local public and politicians saw in that action direct communication with the republic’s possible liquidation as a subject of the federation with the subsequent integration into Krasnodar territory.

In the comment on that occasion for IА REGNUM correspondent the vice-president of the International Circassian Association Nalby Guchetl stated:

"To liquidate such service, as the customhouse is just to start threatening the republic’s status. That is sufficient economic impact, as the republican budget loses the stable incomes; it causes an outflow of businessmen. What benefit would they have remaining in the republic if they deal with Krasnodar all the same? Let’s ask what’s the republic for then? The Federal center actually squeezes necessary structures out from the republic to force us to integrate into the territory with the lifted hands.

One thing that I cannot understand: why all undertakings and experiments Russia runs in Adygeya? Because the working parameters of the Adygeya customhouse are lower, than of others? I do not think so. In general, the federal center stated the task to liquidate the national republics, to leave some kind of cultural formations as the Black sea Shapsugs have".

In the opinion of the vice-president of the Adygeya republican social movement "Circassian congress", in the liquidation of the Adygeya customhouse, besides the economic factors, undoubtedly, there is some political implied sense.

"That is the purposeful policy of the federal center on stage-by-stage liquidation of the power structures in Adygeya territory, and finally destruction of the republic. The customhouse is just a part of the one chain. For example, - the Circassian congress’ newspaper in May this year we had to register already in Krasnodar. The management of the State narco-control across Adygeya is also in the suspended condition - at the stage of association with Krasnodar.

On this background it becomes obvious that the high-ranking federal officials, declaring inviolability of the republic’s status, simply confuse the public, - told Dzeukozhev in the interview to IА REGNUM correspondent. - Recently the actions of the federal center cause not much trust in general. It is enough to recollect, what iridescent pictures the officials draw in relation to the prospects of monetization of the social privileges, the reform of housing and communal services, improvement of the citizens’ well-being.

All of us can see what way it ended. It is only surprising with what enviable persistence, worthy the best application, the federal center leads in the erroneous direction. In fact, we repeatedly spoke what consequences Adygeya Republic’s liquidation could result. The statements of Russia for adherence to the democratic course of its development contradict with the real policies in Caucasus, in particular for liquidation of the national subjects. This contradiction becomes more and more obvious not only for the peoples of Russia, but also for the whole world community".

For the employees of the liquidated the event did not become unexpected. "Rumours about the Adygeya customhouse’s liquidation circulated for a long time, and apparently, that work had been conducted not less than 2 years. During this time we were literally tortured with official checks. Every year the customhouse exceeded the plan, in it over 100 employees worked. For instance in Kalmykia they have about 50 workers, and for this year they have collected in the budget 14,5 million rubles against 170 of ours. And all the same up to the last we did not trust that would be fired", - the source in the Adygeya customhouse explained to IА REGNUM correspondent.

It also informed that “as soon as the order appeared, literally within one day we handed over our weapons, stamps, and seals. On the registration department of the customhouse they hang a message ‘registration in the nearest item of Krasnodar’. As to our special dog-training service… Down to putting to sleep our four-footed employees.... We have only one opinion: without explanation of reasons, as they say "without declaration of war", the principle "one subject - one customhouse" was broken. And that’s it".

Liquidation of the customhouse will affect no good the employment of the Adygeya population. They made unemployed 108 employees. Due to the reduced staff of the Adygeya customhouse the personnel of the Rostov and the Taganrog customhouses will be increased. The Adygeya customhouse’s workers, to put it mildly, are in perplexity. According to statistical data, for 11 months of the current year the customhouse had transferred to the federal budget of Russia 203, 7 million rubles: that is 35 more than in the past year.

By results of the customs payments at the rate for one worker the Adygeya customhouse had the 8 place from among 13 customhouses of the SFD, advancing Dagestan, Northern Ossetia, Kabardino-Balkaria, Karachaevo-Circassia, and Kalmykia.

Let's remind, as IА REGNUM had already informed, on November 30th the chief the Adygeya customhouse Jury Bljagoz gathered the heads of all the departments and declared liquidation of the republican branch based on the order of the Federal customs service. In the order it is literally spoken the following:

"With a view of perfection of the structure of the customs bodies located in the Southern federal district, and on the basis of subitem 6.1 of the Regulations about federal customs service approved by the governmental order of Russian Federation from July 26th, 2006 I order: to start the actions on liquidation of the Adygeya customhouse since February 1st, 2007".

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