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The approved Adygeya president Aslancheriy Tkhakushinov presided on December 21st at his first expanded press conference with the journalists of Adygeya, Krasnodar, Rostov-on-Don and Moscow mass -media. In the opening address he notified, in particular, that under the law the operating Adygeya president should resign on January 13th, and, probably, the inauguration would be dated for that day.

The president in brief reminded about results of the recent meeting with the president of Russian Federation Vladimir Putin, presented members of the new government of Adygeya - already appointed by him (but yet not operating): Egor Gorjajnov as the head of the presidential administration, Vladimir Samozhenkov – the prime minister of the republic, and also Ramazan Bedanokov which future post still is not certain.

The president stated that a basis of everything is economy and in order to revive it would be necessary to count that was lost. That meant, as he said, the entire branches of economy, for example, the process industry: the Adygeya canning combine, the Giaginsky sugar factory and other enterprises. Such branches of agriculture as the animal industries, such components of the plant-raising as the fruit-growing, the beet-growing and others had been ruined.

The healthy economy of the republic, high standards of living mean the strong families (and solving of the demographic problem which is very serious in the republic), stability in society and the interethnic mutual understanding.

The new republican government, Tkhakushinov said, is forming on the parity basis representing the basic national groups living in the republic, but precisely according to the high professionalism of those representatives. High professionalism of the official staff, according to the president, would remain the dominating factor.

Question: you had stood on this post 5 years ago, and now became the president. What attractive do you see for yourself in this post?

it was not obligatory for me to become the president. But I’d like to say that my present understanding of the duties of the president and the understanding that I had 5 years ago are different to me. For example, I’ve thought that if I only occupied the presidential armchair, all the problems will have ended: I just should give correct commands.

Now I have realized that the president’s work is a heavy job. Even in relation to the commands; it is much easier to carry out them, than to formulate. Certainly if to formulate them the way they could be really executed.

Question: Why, in your opinion, have you been chosen? Not a secret that since the very beginning the rate was done on you.

I cannot judge myself. It seems to me, you should ask those who have made this choice. As you remember, they had planned 11 candidates, then their number reduced to 7; four persons were presented by the regional political council of “United Russia”, and the uniform nominee was approved by the supreme council and the presidium of the party. Let’s think I was lucky because I had been trying to achieve this purpose.

Question: Recently in Russia not bright politicians and strong business executives occupy the posts of the head of regions. Is this tendency good, in your opinion?

It seems to me, without real economy any conversations about greatness of the subject, beauty of inhabitants of that subject, its magnificent opportunities would remain only conversations. At first - economic development, and then - all the rest around of it.

Question: In what way are you going to build the further relations with Krasnodar territory?

It is abnormal, when, say, neighbours in one street do not communicate. If to speak about Adygeya and Krasnodar territory, Kuban is our common home. We are inhabitants of Kuban, we’ve been brothers and we shall be. And I’m very pleased that the first man who congratulated me on becoming the Adygeya president was the governor of the territory Alexander Tkachev who told that he will help us in every possible way. And Adygeya will answer the territory the same.

Question: Are there any joint economic projects planned any with Krasnodar territory?

I am sure that the economic integration with Kuban will have take place. That is first of all tourism, the process industry, and agriculture. For example, in the republic during some time it was much told about necessity of creation of MTSs (motor technical stations). And then they forgot about it. But in the territory they created MTSs which could take our facilities ‘by trailer’. We shall be engaged both this direction, and the similar project.

Question: the Presidium of the State Soviet-Khase of Adygeya addressed to Khazret Sovmen with the offer of preschedule resignation. What is your attitude to that offer?

I think, they shouldn’t do that. 5 years we worked under ruling of the current president so during this short remained time we should work the same way. I concern negatively to that reference, and had not known that it had had been prepared.

Question: About the party government. How and in what quantity will the parties which have fractions in the republican parliament be presented in the new government?

the party government is an idea of "United Russia”, and Adygeya should become some kind of the experimental platform on its implementation. So then to use the scheme in all the subjects of the federation. But during discussion of the idea the president of Russia told that the party membership at formation of the regional governments should be necessarily considered but not fixing it legislatively. We operate proceeding from that.

In the State Soviet-Khase special relative density is after “Uniform Russia” - 34 deputies from among 54, therefore even without legislative fastening practically one-party government will be created. Certainly there will be allocated places for the other fractions – agrarians, industrialists, communists – according to their relative density.

Question: By virtue of the far-fetched confrontation with the federal structures Adygeya during some years did not participate or half-participated in the federal programs. How does the new management plan to develop relations with the federal center?

the vertical of authority is already built, and Adygeya cannot offer any other form of relations. We should enter this structure in the discipline way, occupying our niche in the control system of the Russian state. There can be no confrontation with the federal center, or with the Southern federal district. Moreover, they will help us.

One of such examples: yesterday I have been in Rostov-on-Don in occasion of closing of the Adygeya customhouse. The offer of the SFD for solving of the problem is such: as the order on liquidation of the department had been already signed, let's create in the republic a customs post which under the condition of its good work will have an opportunity to return its former official status.

The same position in relation to the other state departments, for example, the State narco-control. They will not be emasculated out from Adygeya.

Question: What are the prospects of development for Maykopsky area – the biggest area of the republic?

Maykopsky area of Adygeya is really a special area, and the most beautiful. To tell enough that the well-known Red Glade is the southern slope of the Caucasian ridge, and Lago-Naki where the snow is practically all year long is northern one. In this connection we shall join the system of preparation for the winter Olympiad 2014.

And irrespectively of that whether there would be the Olympic Games there or not. The whole countries live with their economies based on tourism, and, helping tourism development in Maykopsky area, we shall simultaneously prepare our future economic donor. There can be not only Maykopsky, but also Takhtamukaysky area.

Question: Adygheysk is the second town of the republic. Are there any problems, in your opinion, of this town and the ways of solving of those problems?

Actually in Adygheysk there is no city infrastructure. Countrymen were moved in due time in the town houses and, not having created corresponding conditions, first of all, enterprises, they told: now you live in a town. We are going to consider that at attraction of investments, and we shall do everything to make the system of the municipal services work normally.

But, I would like to mention that if the townspeople do not work hard, the republic will not manage to make Adygheysk a real town.

Question: At the previous management practised reduction of staff of officials or change of heads of the republican departments when other workers of those departments remained on their places. How will it be this time?

Absurdity when, for example, in the Ministry of Agriculture there are more officials, than the republic have tractor drivers. Certainly, it shouldn’t be such situation. As to the second part of your question – we state that we shall get engaged professionals. There won’t be councils by the president. Most important "council" and the most important chief in this or that branch is the head of that department.

At selection of the staff which now work in these departments, a professional minister, a professional chairman of a committee will responsible.

Question: Newspapers “01 Region” and “Zakubanie” by virtue of their oppositional position to the republican authority are printed now in Krasnodar. How will it be under the new authority?

I think it would be silly to speak mass-media: write good things about authorities. I am sure there should necessarily be criticism. But be it just should be constructive. If it is pejorative, humiliates dignity of those who write, and those who are written about, such mass-media most likely will not be supported, probably. But I think there will not be such newspapers - literally oppositional - which we could pursue.

The problem you have mentioned can be solved, and it will be done in the nearest future.

Question: In what way do you work on the budget-2007 now?

In Adygeya we like to distribute. It is easier, than, say, to earn. Today that is a work the management of the republic is busy with. And joining of our command the work on the budget does not cause their enthusiasm. In this connection I think that now we man be are about to lose the first fiscal year. It is enough to tell, for example, that today in the budget they affirm the figure of our own income - 1,4 billion rubles whereas in the current year it has made 1,9 billion rubles.

But, having reduced for such huge sum our own incomes, from what money can we plan financing? Therefore we shall think how to solve the problem. One of the major methods of economic development is attraction of worthy and serious investors, and development of small and average business. Not to stir it, and to help to enjoy corresponding feedback. This is the purpose we have come - to change the situation.

Question: How do you concern to the decree of the president of Russian Federation “About compatriots” and which ways are you going develop relationship with the foreign Adygeyan Diaspora?

I have the most valid attitude to that. We shall do what is authorized by the federal legislation. However I wouldn’t wait for a plenty of our compatriots to move to present poor Adygeya. I think, they will want to return when they see the industry of the modern European level here, the developed tourism infrastructure, salaries up to 1000 dollars a month. But anyway we shall always concern validly to them.

Question: It is known that in the SFD there is a set of programs of regional assistance. But the previous republican management was in confrontation to the plenipotentiary. And as soon the plenipotentiary in the SFD Dmitry Kozak had offered your nominee, it is possible to assume that you have already had some preliminary arrangements on implementation of such programs of the SFD in Adygeya. Isn’t it?

Yes, certainly, in the SFD they have funds. But Adygeya actually does not address to the SFD. As to the preliminary arrangement, we have them, too. The total sum under this arrangement makes 260 million rubles. However "towards to" these means Adygeya must prepare packages of the design-budget documentation. And that work must be done – our ministers should spend half of their working time in the SFD and Moscow.

In fact why did Adygeya left Krasnodar territory? Not because our brothers in Kuban did something bad to us. We just aspired to simplify the system so if we needed something to be solved we could do it on our own. In summary it has turned out that we did not use that possibility.

Question: Don’t you think expedient to work out economic development plans for each area of Adygeya separately? And what are the prospects of development of Takhtamukaysky area?

The matter is that the Maykop state technological university has already developed such programs for each area of the republic. And for each ministry, too. But nobody has yet taken advantage of them. As to Takhtamukaysky area, that is the nearest to Krasnodar area of Adygeya. And Krasnodar, in its turn, does not hold any more in its own borders and so occupies the lands of this area.

Today the lands of Takhtamukaysky area are given for nothing and such transactions, under our data, are made out very hasty. We shall create a commission of the FSB, the Office of Public Prosecutor and the tax inspection on this question. Besides we shall prepare for a bill according to which the heads of the area administrations will not have the right to allocate land areas more than in 10 hundredth of hectare.

As a whole the land is our basic riches, and Takhtamukaysky area of our republic is the future donor.

Question: Are you talking about the lands for the IKEA mega-center?

Answer: No, I do not mean investors and lawful transactions. In case with IKEA everything is all right.

Despite of your statements, you are considered to be loyal to the idea of Adygeya integration with Krasnodar territory all the same. What is your personal attitude to this idea?

Answer: I must repeat, neither on the federal, nor at the SFD level this problem is not considered. As to me personally I disapprove to this idea.

During last 5 years of the deputy activities I have many times spoken to those deputies who seemed to get packed their personal staff and were going to move to Krasnodar territory; still we must observe the Adygeya legislation of.

Caucasus Times information:

Gorjajnov Egor Alekseevich, the senior adviser of justice, teacher, the curator of the Legal Clinic by the faculty of law of the Stavropol state university. The basic place of work – the chief of the legal department of the Apparatus of the Representative under human rights in Stavropol Territory. Since 1977 till 2002 worked in the bodies of the Office of Public Prosecutor of Adygeya Republic: inspector, area public prosecutor, since 1994 –assistant to the public prosecutor of the republic.

Samozhenkov Vladimir Mihajlovich, the deputy of the State Soviet-Khase of Adygeya, from fraction of “United Russia”, deputy head of the fraction council, the head (on the changeable basis) of the Committee on ecology and wildlife management. Master of economic degree. The president of the Joint-Stock Company "Kartontara" (Maykop).

Bedanokov Ramazan Aslanovich, the deputy of the State Soviet-Khase of Adygeya from fraction “Agrarian party of Russia”, works in the Committee on budgetary-financial, tax and economic policies. Master of physical and mathematical degree.


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