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Аслан Шаззо на сервере Стихи.ру
We’ve got great news: we already know who will be our president. We had the first president, then the second; nevertheless, soon there will be the third one. And you know how it will occur: the candidate’s name is named by the president of Russia V. Putin. You should be sure: all his biography had been studied thoroughly, and it suited the post that he will have. We (this newspaper’s readers) know something about him and heard something, too.

But nobody asked us. We were asked when we had been electing our local deputies. We have chosen the best, most worthy, wisest, fairest, uncompromising our defenders. Protecting own interests, they think of our interests. And that is all right, because if they begin protecting our interests, thinking, that way can do their own interest they will find out soon that nobody is able to do that, and all of that as a whole will not completely look like what they imagine the work must be.

But that is not the most important. So these deputies decide: to be or to not be the one named in Moscow our head protecting our interests. That means the deputies of our State Soviet-Khase should approve the nominee. Let’s imagine that a half of the republican parliament would not like that nominee. It would be not pleasant because that half thinks of you and me, about the people. So that half votes contra.

Then Moscow submits again the same person because they had thoroughly studied all his cherished secrets; and nobody interests in information known to the voting contra. Indeed, why they should have the parliament got dismissed here? You remember, what efforts it took them to become deputies. That is not for their interests - to lose their mandates. But they think not of that, they think of you and me, average people:

“We were chosen by people, we protect its interests. If we are dismissed, who will act for the people? This man? Or that? Those?...Who? Are you insane to believe that way?...”

And they start seriously discussing the nominee, having gathered in small groups (according to the ethical and household interests); they have secret, unofficial, friendly chats; they estimate what we could have by the new head; some people say this, some people say that; they create rumors, hearings, gossips which authors others appear to be, not they …

So such a serious work is on. Rules and norms are observed. And once the long-awaited day comes. Everyone knows which way all that should be ended, but they must preserve their identity… Finally their identity is preserved, and the nominee is approved. We have our president. The third president.

There wasn’t actually the second one, though he had been elected nationally. But a little strange he was. Arriving to work for a day or two, giving his generous gifts from his own savings and then again having gone for a long time.

Because in the republic only thieves live, there is nobody to work with.

Now we have the real president.

Who knows, what is this - ‘real president’?

We know almost nothing about it. And what we know … Let him every day come to work. Let him find in the republic not stealing people and let him form a command to himself, but still for all of us. And let that command get worked, too, - to have some sense from it.

Let him ask our old residents how they had ploughed our lands and sowed fields earlier; how they constructed farms and what animals and birds they had had there. Cows have four legs, hens, turkeys, ducks have two legs. Cows eat hay in winter, in summer - green grass and something else. Hens and other birds eat wheat, corn and many other things, even worms. Home birds have claws, cows have hoofs…

What else? Damn it, I’ve just forgotten. Anyway that is not so odd about me, as for many years I had not seen such farms. O, now I’ve remembered: wheat has spikes, sunflower has ‘hat’. Not that ‘hat’ that deputies and ministers have – with petals …



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