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Dear inhabitants of Adygeya Republic! Dear fellow countrymen!

5 years ago you had showed me your high trust, having elected for the post of the president of Adygeya Republic. These 5 years became for me the major landmark in my life. From the moment of my election I did everything to help people for the sake of which I returned to my native republic. I would like to say that the last years have included many things: pleasure of success and dissatisfaction from failures, trust to people and disappointments.

Today I do not mean my purpose to make any detailed report on the done work. Figures and parameters are published in the republican press and the reports for the federal bodies of statistics. Besides the government has made the entire account on all the branches of economy. I would like to mention the basic directions of the work, the main achievements and the problems I had to collide with.

To estimate the economic situation in the republic now, it is necessary to tell about what we had begun in 2002. The republic represented an 80 %-donated subject of the Federation burdened by the multi-billion total debt to the creditors of all the categories. The agriculture has been practically completely destroyed as a branch of economy. The basic industrial objects did not work. Workers of the budgetary sphere did not receive their wages through months.

There was the catastrophically scaled illegal wood cutting, especially, of the valuable sorts of timber. By initiation of the artificial bankruptcy procedure they led out from the production cycle actives of the tens enterprises. In addition to that, in 2002 in Adygeya a scale flooding that caused an enormous material damage happened.

The level of corruption in the republic also reached catastrophic scales, having diseased all of the state spheres. The criminal situation was also at the critical stage. It is enough to tell that for some years in the criminal collisions over 50 young men were lost, men of the most active and capable age who should form families and bring up children, instead of perishing 20 years old.

Yes, we did not manage to liquidate all these ugly phenomena. Maybe, it is impossible, while all the country suffers from the heavy social illnesses, which must be treated on and on. But nevertheless the Adygeya society has started trusting that they may and must live and work fairly; the society has believed that they can struggle against corruption and other negative phenomena.

And that appeared to be the most difficult thing – to return people their belief in kind and justice which had been thoroughly undermined during the years of the so-called liberal reforms and rapid development of wild, injurious capitalism.

From the first days of my work I declared a war again corruption, bribery, illegal requisitions and intervention in business of businessmen, to any displays of corruption. Businessmen had an opportunity to freely deal with their business without a dictatorship and interventions of the state authorities, to show their initiatives, to participate actively in development of the governmental issues, concerning business.

I have warned the officials of all the ranks that I should not allow any pay-offs and other forms of plunder of the budgetary funds. We have started putting things in order in the financial sphere and we, in many respects, succeeded.

Unfortunately, I did not have sufficient levers of power to finish my own undertakings. I had allocated great means to rebuild from the ruins the enterprises, and my money were simply plundered, and nobody has been ever accused of that.

It should cause feelings of powerlessness. And this powerlessness before that system stood on my way as an insuperable wall, not once becoming the reason for my desire to leave the politics.

The years of my work on the post of the Adygeya president were accompanied by deaf resistance of the people of authority, those who got used to live due to the society, I had been misunderstood by my friends and colleagues, who sincerely surprised my naive, in their opinion, attempts to change what was impossible to change.

Nevertheless, whoever would say whatever, for 5 years we managed to recover the republican economy, to bridle a little bit the total corruption, to make serious steps to revival of agriculture and industry of Adygeya, to form effective institutes of the civil society. I can responsibly approve that now Adygeya is one of the most democratic subjects of Russian Federation. All these years in our republic nobody was afraid of expressing in open way opinions and defending them at any level.

I hope that this process had already become irreversible.

I shall shortly tell about the economy in the language of facts published by the bodies of the state statistics of the Southern federal district. In 2005 Adygeya had the 1st place in the SFD for its rates of economic growth. On results of 11 months of the current year the republic won again the 1st place in the SFD on the same parameter, and the rates of agricultural production.

These are the results of our laborious efforts, including mullions-strong investments in the agrarian sector and huge material and technical support of the countryside. Today the peasants have believed in their forces and become stronger day by day. The industrial enterprises have started working, too. It is pleasant that their production is needed not only in Russia, but also abroad.

Since 2002 the wages have grown in 3,4 times; about 4 thousand workplaces had been created. For the last four years Adygeya has practically doubled its own incomes. The level of the actual budgetary incomes has per capita increased almost three times. Since 2002 tens thousand houses had been equipped to the gas supply system, hundreds kilometers of the gas pipelines were constructed; people in the most remote settlements got gasificated homes.

Today there are no creditor debts for the wages of the workers of the budgetary sphere, for methodical literature of the school teachers. Repayment of debts on social privileges, municipal services to state experts in the countryside, house and communal services for the needy citizens is completely finished.

The special attention was paid to the social sphere. We had constantly helped the workers of education, public health services, culture, veterans of wars and labour. We had been building schools and hospitals, deeply repairing the operating social objects. Likely, there were left no settlement that had not been helped, whether it concerned the questions of gasification, water supply or other needs. But, unfortunately, there were those who named such aid to the needed people some PR-actions.

Dear fellow countrymen! All I did, I did with all my heart and sincerity. I feel a huge pleasure when I bring people simplification in their life, when I help them in what they require. And maybe not everybody is capable to understand this, so let the God judge them. The most important thing is that the Lord has awarded me with opportunity to help the others, and I shall do it all my life.

Coming back to economy, I would like to emphasize that, despite of the rigid counteraction, we had managed to involve in our republic big investors which implement today in Adygeya significant social projects, capable to give workplaces to thousands our citizens. The impartial statistics fixes that the increasing quantity of Adygeya inhabitants become owners of their own cars and bank accounts, and these are very important parameters of increasing of the standards of life.

Certainly, at present the economy of Adygeya Republic, as well as Russia as a whole, is far from prosperity. Still there is a lot of people who can hardly survive, many people who live for their very scanty salary.

In 2002 I’d thought that we in the short terms could adjust the worthy life in the republic. It was favoured with presence of the qualified manpowers, natural-climatic and recreational conditions, the small sizes of the republic, good labour traditions of the multinational people of Adygeya and other factors.

However I have not considered one, the major factor – vicious mentality and the way of life of significant part of the republican administrative elite which for a long time has come off interests of the average people and found its own, corporate interests.

I believed that each official, either of high or low rank, would stand beside me and do our common issue. I believed that each person – even of the smallest authority - would aspire to work for the people if – the head of the republic would call them up and show his personal example. Now I understand that I had been deeply mistaken. Thus I made mistakes, too, unduly trusting everyone who convinced me of his patriotism and unselfishness.

Since my first days I have absorbed the certain moral norms fixed in Koran and the Bible, in Adyghe Khabza. “You mustn’t lie and deceive; you must help the needed, be fair and honest, and love people”, - my mother and my father had inspired me. And I followed these norms through all my life, at home and on the Far North, in youth and being already mature person.

When I have understood that I can not combine my more moral principles with the political activities (which, quite often, demands from a man far not moral decisions and acts and often compromises with own conscience) I submitted in April of the current year an application for my preschedule resignation to the president of Russian Federation. Under the offer of the Russian leader I have finished the presidential term up to its end I leave the post of the president of Adygeya Republic.

I would like to express words of my huge gratitude to Vladimir Putin for his constant support of our republic, his understanding and sincere aspiration to help with solving of its social and economic problems. We felt such support and during the flooding of 2002, and during all the next years when owing to the president of Russian Federation, we received without any difficulties the necessary help of the federal ministries and departments, operatively solved all arising questions.

Unfortunately, we have not found such understanding in the staff of the plenipotentiary of the president of Russian Federation in the SFD though from our party we have shown both our desire, and corresponding political will. We had different approaches to expediency of implementation of those or other political projects in our region.

Summing up the years of my work on the post of the head of the republic, I wish to sincerely thank everyone who has believed me in 2002 and still trusts now, thank everyone who with their every day work moved our native Adygeya to well-being and prosperity. I also wish to thank my colleagues – workers of bodies the state and municipal authorities, who during these years stood beside me and helped with their knowledge and experience.

I am also grateful to representatives of the public associations who bring the powerful contribution to development of our republic.

I wish success in the hard and responsible field of servicing the people to the new leadership of Adygeya Republic which will begin their work not on an empty place, being supported on the healthy social and economic and financial basis, and in the framework of the 4 priority national projects implemented in the republic which are supposed to raise considerably the standards of life of the population.

On the eve of our most favourite New Year's holidays I congratulate you, my dear fellow countrymen, from the bottom of my heart on the New Year 2007!

I wish you a strong health, happiness and a cosiness in each house and each family, peace, kind and prosperity to Adygeya Republic!

Sincerely yours, the president of Adygeya Republic Khazret Sovmen

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