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The chairman of the Central Election Committee of Adygeya Jury Hut considers that the pre-election campaign which is now conducted in all the municipal formations of the republic, except for Maykop, keeps within the legal limits. He emphasized that especially in the conversation with Caucasus Times correspondent because, “if to compare to the previous elections, the law had changed and in some its parts rather much”.

“Now there is the propaganda process, - Hut told. - And if earlier the law had allowed a candidate to act with criticism of his contenders then now everyone should speak only about their purposes, their program, and so on. It was also allowed that candidate could act in support of another candidate. It enabled them to unite and use, say, a broadcasting time doubly. Now that is forbidden”.

There are, in the Central Election Committee’s chairman’s opinion, some positions of the new law which cannot find understanding, for example, even of the organizers of the elective process. If earlier elections had been considered taken place with participation of 20 % of voters (during the local elections) and 30 % (at the federal elections), then now the minimum percent of voters’ presence is abolished. Except for the presidential elections of Russia where the percent remains.

“That actually means, - Hut mentioned, - that a deputy, as well as a head of area can be elected by a small poll: one or two persons are to urns, and that will be enough”.

It was not unequivocal, in the opinion of the Caucasus Times correspondent’s interlocutor, that they had canceled in the bulletins of the column “against all”.

On the one hand, if candidates worked actively with voters then they would have a broad support of people, and so on. And it would be good. But the contrary situation when nobody from among candidates could be liked is not also excluded. And on the polling districts they offer to vote, no matter voters wish to support someone or not. Therefore it is possible that during elections on March 11th there will be many spoiled bulletins.

In two areas – Krasnogvardeysky and Giaginsky - according to the chairman of the Central Election Committee, for the post of the head of administration 3 candidates will struggle. And in those areas the pre-election period passes normally.

The sharpest struggle now is in Takhtamukaysky area, Hut notified. There for the post of the head of the area 8 candidates will struggle. And five from among them are registered under the elective mortgage. That means, they did not collect voter’s signatures, and paid out 75 thousand rubles, that in addition specifies their resolute spirit.

There is not less heat in Maykopsky area. 5 people apply for management in it. According to the head of the Central Election Committee, there some deputies of the Adygeya parliament and ministers made attempts to affect the elective process. Those attempts were stopped. And the special intrigue in the elections is created by that the head of Maykopsky area had not proposed his own candidature for the next term.

Let's remind, on March 11th in Adygeya the elections to the Council of People's Deputies of the municipal formations of the republic, and elections of the heads of four named areas will take place. Promotion of the candidates was completed on February 24th. In total there are 164 vacant deputy mandates, and over 500 people apply for them.

Officially 3 parties participate in the elections: “United Russia”, the Communist Party of Russian Federation and the LDPR. Not declaring their participation, the other parties registered in Adygeya, and some public associations participate in the election campaign.

In total in the republic there are 340 thousand voters, 130 thousand from them are Maykop citizens. Elections in Maykop on March 11th will not take place because according to the town’s charter the term of appointment of the deputies and mayor is 5 years. Therefore the elections in Adygeya capital will pass on December 2nd of the current year.

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