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The criminal case on detention of Ibraghim Botashev (inhabitant of Jablonovsky settlement of Takhtamukaysky area) is submitted to the Supreme Court of Adygeya, as the court of the area instance had rejected the office of public prosecutor in satisfaction of its requirement.

About it “Caucasian unit” correspondent was informed on July 17 by the chief of the press-service of the office of public prosecutor of republic Vasily Guk. As he said, now I. Botashev is applied with the suppression measure of subscription about staying in his residence.

The area public prosecutor Kadyr Chale refused to make comments on that case, having referred to that it had been already submitted to the republican office of public prosecutor. At the same time, he complained that mass-media, including the federal ones, "inflated" that case, which, in its turn, does not serve to image of Takhtamukaysky area and Adygeya as a whole. "It is necessary to wait for the end of the investigation, - he said. - You see the investigators can find some new facts, which could radically change the case. That is investigating process".

The press-service of the Adygeya president also refused the comment it - up to the end of the trial.

Meanwhile the web-site "Adygeya Islam", referring to its own correspondent in Krasnodar, published the following version.

"On 27.06.2007, - it was spoken in that publication, - in a result of the carried out searches in houses of a number of Moslems of Takhtamukaysky area, in the house of one of them – Botashev Ibraghim Muhamedovich - employees of the area department on struggle against organized criminality of Adygeya threw up a plastic bottle filled with hexogen and iron bolts, and a black flag with an inscription "Shahids" and map of Maykop town. That special operation was carried out in "the classical" militian manner as well as they are organized in other republics of Northern Caucasus".

The search, they affirmed in the publication, was held with roughest infringements - without witnesses. "Employees of militia have simply rushed into the house to the sleeping man early in morning at 6 a.m., tumbled him down on the floor and handcuffed, then they run up in the apartment. One of them enclosed I. Botashev in his hand a plastic bottle took it to the bathroom, then they started an official search, during which they "found out" an explosive.

Right after that, according to information of the web-site correspondent, I. Botashev was arrested and he spent 16 hours in the basements of the area department on struggle against organized criminality of Adygeya, where he was tortured with the medieval torture and an electroshock. The torments he suffered from were committed by one of the employees of the area department on struggle against organized criminality of the ministry of inner affairs of Adygeya - department on struggle with terrorism and religious extremism – H. Bguashev.

The same employee, the authors of the publication assured, was involved in the events of the 2 year prescription: beating of the parishioners of the Cathedral mosque of Maykop town and their imam, and also institution of criminal case in relation to the imam of Adygheysk town N. Abazi. That case, as they remind, was finished with a vindicate verdict.

"In relation to Botashev, - it was spoken further in the information, - the criminal case under clause 222 of the Criminal Code of Russian Federation - storage of explosive substances - was instituted. They tried to take him under guard; however the area court of Takhtamukaysky area rejected it. At the present moment Botashev and other Moslems of Adygeya are threatened with punishment act from the part of a number of unfair employees of militia engaged in notorious struggle with "Wahhabism" in the territory of the republic. Interrogating Botashev, the operative employees directly specified to him that they would do exactly the same way in relation to other Moslems".

Let's remind, in one of the apartments in Jablonovsky settlement of Takhtamukaysky area of Adygeya employees of the area department on struggle against organized criminality of Adygeya on June 27 revealed a self-made explosive device, and an army thunder flash, as the republican radio informed on July 3 referring to the chief of the DSOC by the Ministry of inner affairs Kaplan Daurov. A flag from a black matter with an inscription, probably, in the Arabian language and a figure of a naked sabre were also found, together with a topographical map of Maykop, on which presumably the buildings the FSB, the Ministry of inner affairs across Adygeya and the Department of inner affairs were marked with black circles. Then on the fact of illegal storage of weapon a criminal proceeding was instituted.


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