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On March 6 the Parliament of Abkhazia adopted two references concerned recognition of the state independence of the Republic of Abkhazia.

One reference was addressed to the Council of Federation of the Federal Assembly of Russian Federation and the State Duma of the Federal Assembly of Russian Federation, and the second one – to the UN Secretary General, leaders of the states and the parliaments of the CIS and other countries of the world.

In the reference to the UN Secretary General and the parliaments of the countries of the world the offer "to consider the problem of recognition of the Republic of Abkhazia as an independent, sovereign state and creation of the mutually advantageous international relations with the Republic of Abkhazia".

The Parliament of the Republic of Abkhazia declared that "the process of development of the independent democratic state of Abkhazia and achievement of the international recognition is irreversible".

"Finding of the state independence of Abkhazia has deep, objective historical preconditions and is political expression of the achieved level of the national consolidation, socio economic and cultural development of the Abkhazian nation. An opportunity of the further development, maximal satisfaction of the needs and the strategic maintenance of the national safety of the people of Abkhazia can be met only in the conditions of the independent state", - it was stated in the reference.

In the present political reality, in the opinion of the deputies, "any attempt to deprive Abkhazia won through its great victims independence and sovereignty will inevitably result in a large-scaled regional armed conflict, involving in next countries".

Now, the parliament of Abkhazia emphasized, "in connection with political recognition of Kosovo’s independence stated by many states of the world the geopolitical situation has substantially changed".

"Any legal decision gets universal character, no matter how unique such previous event would be. The equal right on freedom and independence all the people have", - the parliamentarians declared.

The Parliament of the Republic of Abkhazia declared that "formation and development of the Abkhazian state happens in full conformity to the norms of the international law, being based on the fundamental principle of the right of a nation on political self-determination, taking into account the historical conditions of development and growth of Abkhazian statehood and political-legal validity of existence of the Republic of Abkhazia" and that "international recognition of independence of the Republic of Abkhazia will serve to peace and stability in Caucasus".

The reference is adopted at the extraordinary sitting of the session of the National Assembly (parliament) of Abkhazia unanimously.

Let's remind, in the reference of the Abkhazian parliament to the Council of Federation of the Federal Assembly and the State Duma of Russian Federation it was emphasized that "the parliament and the people of the Republic Abkhazia highly appreciate the role of Russia as the key guarantor of peace and stability in the region, expresses the deep gratitude for the unilateral cancellation of the trade-economic sanctions against the Republic of Abkhazia adopted by the CIS countries according to the initiative of the Republic of Georgia.

"Now, - it was spoken in the document, - in connection with recognition of Kosovo’s independence by many states of the West, the geopolitical situation has substantially changed, so favorable preconditions for recognition of the state independence of the Republic of Abkhazia appeared".

The deputies considered that "recognition of its state independence on the part of Russia would have lifted at higher level the international authority of Russian Federation, would have promoted strengthening of the centripetal forces, intensification of the steady stabilization in Northern Caucasus and as a whole in the southern boundaries of Russia".

As "Caucasian unit" had already informed, on March 4 the UN Secretary General, the president of Russian Federation as well as the leaders of the EU and CIS states with similar request for recognition of the independence was addressed by the parliament of Southern Ossetia.


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