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On September, 14th, 2008 from Abkhazia’s square of Nalchik town the solemn farewell to the participants of the horse voyage “Zek’uae”, devoted to celebrating of the 300th anniversary of Kabarda’s victory in Kanzhal battle, as well as independence of Abkhazia and South Ossetia, took place. The farewell took place at the great congestion of people.

The same day 30 horsemen on horses of the Kabardian breed had passed a way of 65 km through the towns Cheghem 1, Cheghem 2, Baksan and Zayukovo settlement. For the night the horsemen with the support group staid at the farm of the Open Company “Zayukovsky horse-breeding centre "Osmanli Turk".

Late at night representatives of Kendelen village approached to the resting horsemen and informed them that the road through their settlement for the horsemen was blocked, and “Zek’uae” would not pass the planned route further to Kanzhal mountain.

About 2 a.m. to the horsemen’s camp two more cars arrived. Some women from Kendelen settlement loudly shouted that the horsemen had no right to be there, since it was "the Balkarian land"; that they would not go through Kendelen, to Kanzhal, and should get away “to the Black sea, to Zihia”. Thus the women offended Kabardian people, threatened with punishment (that they will burn); they warned that in the mountains there were crossings guarded, their armed people with the purpose of prevention of the horsemen’s passing through.

While those statements were shouted unknown persons made arson of the prepared hay and quickly ran away from the scene of their crime. All night long the participants of the horse voyage together with the fire units extinguished a fire and rescued horses. The caused damage made hundreds thousand rubles.

In the morning on September, 15th the horsemen saw that the federal road near Kendelen settlement was blocked by a crowd of people. There were women, children and old men in the forefront; behind them - the young men armed with armature, bats, sawn-off rifles and carbines.

In order to prevent a collision the participants of the horse voyage made a decision to stay in the camp and to wait for the analysis of the incident by the KBR leadership. To support the horsemen hundreds people from the whole republic arrived. Representatives of the administration arrived for the sanction of the problem, faced the complexities of finding a compromise with the inhabitants and the elders of Kendelen settlement. After the long negotiations the decision to postpone the process of analysis for the morning of 16th, with guarantees from the village administration about obligatory positive way-out was made.

On Tuesday morning the promises of the heads of Kendelen settlement were not constrained as they led out women and children with the armed youth the federal route again, having blocked the road, just like on the eve. The repeated negotiations had no results. The participants of the horse voyage were at the farm of Zayukovo settlement.

The horse voyage “Zek’uae” had not been apprehended by the holding of the meeting as a peace and a cultural action what it is, and used by the provokers for straining the national relations between Kabardians and Balkarians, and promotions of the political requirements to the republican leadership.

Both the horsemen, and the organizers of the voyage initially supported the peace resolution of the problem; they did not want and do not want any complications in the interethnic relations in the republic, they just wish to continue their way further by the planned route.

Meanwhile in the Internet and other mass-media publicizing of false information from submission of the provokers that “wild Circassians with sabres” are ready to tear apart Balkarian women and children that the participants of the voyage turn off and went home, that the horsemen arrived to grasp “Balkarian land” and other, is on. That slander is a direct provocation, and a work of the journalists who are wrote such a lie in the mass-media, should be condemned by the public. The participants of the action wish to understand just one thing: on what basis inhabitants of Kendelen village block the state road and threaten the horsemen with punishment and shooting if the horsemen appear on Kanzhal mountain?

In conditions when the head of Kendelen settlement administration cannot solve the problem within 2 days, and is not capable to pacify people, he should be replaced with a more competent person.

We call the public to take an active part in the resolution of the question, to put pressure on the head of Kendelen settlement and to help to solve this question peacefully.

The participant of the horse voyage, the president of “Worldwide Circassian Brotherhood” Zamir Shuhov.


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