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Groups of Circassian youth of the Western Circassia - participants of the initiative group of Circassian youth of Adygeya, Karachaevo-Circassia, Kabardino-Balkaria, Krasnodar and Stavropol regions on implementation of the project "One People - One Name - One Future"

"About the Decision of the XIV Adyghe Khasa Congress of Adygeya Republic"

We, initiators of carrying out of the action "One People - One Name - One Future", having analyzed the Decision of the XIV Adyghe Khasa Congress of Adygeya Republic,


1. To declare to ourselves profound gratitude for active and successful carrying out of the first stage of the action on returning to Circassian people living in Russian Federation, the one ethnic name.

2. To support item 6 of the Decision of the XIV Adyghe Khasa Congress of Adygeya Republic recommending all Adygs of Russian Federation during the All-Russia population census of 2010 to specify their national identity as "Circassian" and "Circassian".

3. To express gratitude to Arambiy Hapay as well as to members of “Adyghe Khasa” of Adygeya Republic which had supported our initiative, given it the public importance and by that brought the invaluable contribution to the uniting of Circassian people.

4. Realizing unity of our people and considering heavy climatic conditions in which Khasas should operate in other Circassian regions and because of which they do not dare to sound publicly the idea about the one name, to consider the decision “Adyghe Khasa” of Adygeya Republic obligatory for all Circassians of Russian Federation.

5. To continue active work on distribution among the Circassian population of Russian Federation the idea of the action "One People - One Name - One Future".

6. In the dialogue among our community as well as with persons of not Circassian nationalities in the virtual and the real spaces, writing(spelling) the materials for the mass-media, comments at the forums, SMS-messages and other texts, to follow strictly item 6 of the Decision of the XIV Adyghe Khasa Congress of Adygeya Republic.

7. The control over execution of the present decision to assign to the administrations of Circassian web-sites which will publish it, as well as the active workers of Circassian public organizations and to all not indifferent to the destiny of the people of Circassians.

Now let’s be more serious. Adygeya Khasa made the first step on the way of returning of the united name to our people. Khasa cannot order, Khasa can call. Khasa recommended. We shall not carp at the formulations, we shall consider these recommendations as a comprehensible form of such appeal.

But the appeal as it was told above, is just a first step. Now Khasa and other Circassian organizations supporting this decision, should execute it. It means that in every (!!!) Circassian rural settlement, as well as in the cities with essential quantity of Circassians living there, it is necessary to carry out citizens’ gathering. They should gather people and to explain what to do. The explaining materials are ready, all of them are collected together and published here - www.elot.ru/2010. It is necessary to just gather people, to distribute these materials to everyone and to explain with the words that time has come to return to our people the united name and to become the one people again. Without it realization of the idea about the united name is doomed to fail.

Now about the next step.

Without political and legal fixing (registration) at the level of Russian Federation of the united name of all the compound groups of Circassian people the results of the Census-2010 will not have any value. For this purpose before carrying out Census-2010 Circassian public organizations should address to the bodies of the government of our republics and Russian Federation with statement of this question. According to the Constitution of Russian Federation a citizen defines for himself and specifies his national identity, but establishment of ethnic identity of a group of population is already after the scientists, historians and linguists, and the scientists’ opinion is already expressed at the forum "We are Adygs-Circassians".

There had been no precedents of returning of the united name to the local parts of one people in Russian Federation, therefore there can be some legal collision concerning the concrete mechanism of realization of such decision. Here different variants are possible, beginning from exception from the Census register of the ethnic groups of names "Adyghe", "Kabardian", "Shapsug", and ending with signing of the special act of the President or the Government of Russian Federation, ordering or recommending all the state structures while designation of the national identity of "Adyghe", "Kabardians" and "Shapsugs" to designate them as “Circassians”. Thus in the preamble of such act or in the first item of the deciding part recognition of the ethnic identity of the listed local groups of Circassian people should be. However, it is "headache" of the lawyers of Administration of the President of Russian Federation or the Government of Russian Federation. Their experience and knowledge will allow using without any effort the necessary form for the act of recognition of the ethnic unity of the groups of Circassian population of Russia, living in various subjects of Federation.

It is necessary that at forthcoming in August of current year the ICA Congress in Maykop, reference of the ICA to the President of Russian Federation to be adopted. And not only adopted but necessary steps for successful implementation of our action "One People - One Name - One Future" should be undertaken.

We ask Arambiy Hapay as well as the members of the ICA Executive committee to fix this question in the agenda of the ICA Congress. If you need help in preparation of the texts of the references for the leaders of the three republics and the bodies of the Government of Russian Federation, members of our initiative group can send you corresponding projects.

And the request to everybody. Let's be in earnest to this question very much. Not talk it over “to zero” and to not throw, to not neglect, and to work day and night above its resolution. Probably, now not all Circassians understand a huge value of returning to our people of the united ethnic name but when it happens, each of us will feel absolutely in new status and will understand, why it had been made.

We address to our seniors. Make everything that depends on you. We shall help you with all own potency.

We address to our seniors. Make everything that depends on you. We shall help you with all our potency.



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