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NatPress gives this news as it was published by the Adygeya president press-service.

Aslan Tkhakushinov participated in a meeting lead on August, 28th in Sochi by the president of Russian Federation Dmitry Medvedev with the muftis and the heads of the regions of Northern Caucasus.

In the work of the meeting the plenipotentiary of the president in the Southern federal district Vladimir Ustinov also participated. At the meeting there was the mufti, chairman of the Spiritual management of Muslims of Adygeya Republic and Krasnodar region Nurbiy Emizh.

In the beginning of the meeting Dmitry Medvedev congratulated its participants on approach of the Sacred month Ramadan. He noted that Muslims of Russia, as well as representatives of the other traditional religions, always bring the huge contribution to the development of the country and do very much for its protection and prosperity. Therefore today Northern Caucasus is absolutely unique, from the point of view of the cultural and the national variety, region of Russia.

The head of the state sounded some statistics: in the republics of Northern Caucasus there are 157 nationalities from 182 which according to the All-Russian census exist in general in Russian Federation. Thus the share of the population which traditionally identifies itself with Islam, in the republics of Northern Caucasus makes more than two thirds. Dmitry Medvedev emphasized the role of the muftiate which - at support of the bodies of the government - by the most direct way play an important public role in the region and promotes formation of the outlook based on the moral values among young generation. The Islamic community of Northern Caucasus actively develops through the last years: every year about 100 new mosques is under construction there; more than 15 thousand pilgrims make hajj. A week ago in Chechen Republic a new Islamic university, already the third in Caucasus, was opened.

The president of Russian Federation expressed his gratitude to the leaders of the republics and representatives of the Islamic clergy for their joint activities in keeping inter-confessional peace, for their readiness to resist religious extremism, xenofobia and social injustice.

- The major care of the federal authorities, certainly, is the spiritually-moral development of our youth. Muslim clergy has precisely the same care, - Dmitry Medvedev said. - Unfortunately, bands still manage to involve young men in their criminal activity. And in this connection I think we should develop a complex program on working with youth of Northern Caucasus.

In the opinion of the head of the state, such program should include enlightening and educational elements, measures of employment and leisure organization.

At the meeting the problems of information policy were also mentioned. The heads of the federative subjects of Northern Caucasus expressed the opinion about necessity to cooperate with mass-media more actively, including Internet (where there is a lot of the extremist web-sites) aimed on explanation of the true values of Islam and religious education - in the counterbalance of the information of extremist character.

- Such work in mass-media and Internet is difficult, but it should be done, - Dmitry Medvedev agreed. Then he offered to work out the question of an Islamic TV-channel creation.

The president of Russian Federation also supported necessity of the rigid control over those persons who leaves Russia for education in the foreign Islamic high schools, having supported the conclusion of long-term contracts with the recognized Islamic educational centers.

The president of Republic of Ingushetia Yunus-Bek Evkurov recognized the strong positions of vahhabism in Caucasus, having declared that vahhabism is a serious threat to the public peace in the republic and the South region as a whole. In that connection Dmitry Medvedev suggested to call things by their proper names: it is a question of not “Islamic extremists”, and about gangsters as such people do not have any religious feelings.

- It is necessary to achieve all-round support of the authority of the Islamic leaders of the muftiate, those who serves in Caucasus because without strengthening authority of everybody present at this meeting we cannot cope with the existing problems. And in this relation you can completely count on support of the Russian state and the head of the state, - Dmitry Medvedev emphasized, closing the meeting.

Making comments on the results of the meeting, Adygeya president Tkhakushinov said that representatives of the executive bodies of the government of the republic enjoy strong and constructive mutual relations with the leaders of Christian and Muslim faiths.

- The leaders of the two leading faiths spent many forces and time for forming friendly and peaceful inter-confessional dialogue, - the head of the republic added. – I am sure, the in the further we shall find things in common solving various social problems together. In Adygeya the original customs and traditions owing to which the careful attitude to the seniors is great, are kept. The great value is given to respect for a person despite of nationalities and creeds.

The mufti, chairman of the Spiritual management of Muslims of Adygeya Republic and Krasnodar region Nurbiy Emizh also emphasized that he would do his best to solve the existing spiritually-moral problems.

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