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At the International economic forum which will take place in Sochi on September, 17-21th, Adygeya will present 45 investment projects for the sum 36,8 billion rubles and 55 investment sites. The chief of the investment policy department of the Ministry of economic development and trade of Adygeya Mahmud Hasanov told about it NatPress.

Thus the cost of 11 tourist-recreational projects will make 7,4 billion rubles; 21 projects of industrial, transport, trading potential and building industry will make 14,9 billion rubles; 13 projects of agriculture will make 14,5 billion rubles.

The project ‘Oshten” in Maykopsky area with the sum of investments almost 4 billion rubles assumes a mountain-skiing complex’s construction in area Fisht-Oshtenovsky hills. There equipping of the mountain-skiing lines, construction of funiculars on the northern and the northwest slopes of Guzeripl mountain, the northern and the northeast slopes of Oshten mountain, a network of the hotel complexes for 1500 tourists, located on Yarovaya glade is planned.

Construction of the hotels is supposed at 1500 meters height above the sea level. Difference of the heights of the mountain-skiing lines will make 700 meters (1500-2200 meters above the sea level).

The project of a tourist-improving complex Hadjokh” with the sum of investments 943,1 million rubles represents construction in the isolated territory the area of 180,3 hectares of several various objects intended for organizing a wide spectrum of the recreational services, providing the full functional service cycle, high-grade rest and recovery of health.

The project includes the hotel complexes, a sanatorium, an aquapark, Disney-Land, a funicular to Azish-Tau ridge, a complex of the roadside service, a tourist-information centre, a complex of restaurants, shopping centers, sports objects, etc. Area of construction will make 48738 м2, area of the bank beaches - 153500 м2, lumpsum residing nearby 2000 tourists.

At the exposition the breadboard model of "Construction of inhabited microdistrict “Solar” in Yablonovsky settlement of Takhtamukaysky area” will be presented. The project of construction of 13 multiroom apartment houses is also supposed, the total area of the apartments will made more than 189,0 thousand м2, as well as public health services, sports, cultural-entertaining, trading and public buildings. The total area of the complex building of 9,35 hectares. The sum of the investments makes 7,2 billion rubles.

Maykop will present a civil-engineering project of an aquapark "Rainbow" of 200 million rubles which is offered to arrange in the town park in the immediate proximity to the existing town pool. The basic idea of the project concerns organization of a rest zone which would unite in itself all possible kinds of the leisure accessible and interesting to various social and age groups.

The town of Adygheisk prepared the project of expansion fish-pool facilities for growing of sturgeon breeds of fishes at the municipal unitary enterprise “Alive fish”. It stipulates construction of the fishponds for growing of 90 tons of commodity sturgeon fishes and 1 million pieces of young fishes of rare and disappearing breeds of the sturgeon fishes for putting them into natural reservoirs. The sum of the necessary investments is 44 million rubles.

Giaginsky area will expose the civil-engineering project of a tourist complex “Dendrology park in Goncharka settlement”. It provides arrangement of already existing Dendrology park. The list of the works includes reconstruction of the access road to tourist objects, a house of culture, construction of hotel for 80 tourists, a water-supply system with the main networks and clearing constructions, as well as a restaurant. The accomplishment of the dendro-park with vacation spots, parking place, objects of trade is provided. The volume of investments makes 205 million rubles.

Koshekhablsky area will offer the civil-engineering project of an elevator in the industrial zone of aul Koshekhabl. Reduction in expenses of the elevator is planned due to use cheap electric - and worm power station, which launch is in the project, too. The total power of the power station would make 26 GigaWatt of the heat and the electric power. Its exploitation is planned since October, 2010. Cost of the project makes 900 million rubles.

Krasnogvardeysky area will be presented at the forum with the project of a medical thermal resort complex in aul Bjedugkhabl. The project provides construction of covered and open pools, a medical zone, a complex of saunas, health and beauty center, a hotel for 80 tourists. The basis of balneo-therapy of the future complex will be connected with the mineral bathing for which they would use highly mineralized water of hydro-carbon chloride structure with the high contents of organic substances. Cost of the project is 350 million rubles. Takhtamukaysky area prepares the project of a cattle feeding complex with processing shop. The project could allow creating highly profitable manufacture of meat (beef, mutton) and its without-waste processing on the high technologic basis. The sum of investments is 850 million rubles.

Teuchezhsky area will show in Sochi the project of elite comfortable cottage settlement “Djanet” on the coast of the Krasnodar water reservoir. The settlement includes a complex of cottages of various level of service and a golf-field with 18 holes. The complex will represent a closed protected territory with the developed infrastructure for habitation and good rest. Cost of the project is 4,9 billion rubles.

Shovgenovsky area developed the project on output of the gravel-sandy materials of Laba river. It provides purchase and fixing of equipment for extraction and processing of nonmetallic materials and producing from them a building rubble of various fractions. The sum of investments is 100 million rubles.

Maykopsky area will present the project of a tourist sports complex "Romantica". It is supposed construction of a complex specializing on organization of pilgrim, horse, ecological tourism. The sum of investments will make nearby 280 million rubles.

The area will also offer the project of co-financing a factory’s construction for production of building plaster, dry building materials and gypsum cardboard. Cost of the project is 320 million rubles. The basic investor is certain; attraction of co-investor on the contractual basis is supposed.


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